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New Systems & Servers

We provide solutions based on the following needs:​

Small form factors and standard towers.

Intel NUC (next unit of computing)

This tiny devices gives space and speed where needed.

Laptop / Tablet 
Laptops and tablets are in everyday computing now and we can provide you with the proper tools for your needs.

We have servers for all enterprise needs and applications for small to mid-size businesses.

New Systems and Servers
Computer Repairs and Services

Computer Repairs
& Services

Standard In-House Service - $65.00 per hour
This service is 3 - 4 business days and is one of our most common.

Priority In-House Service - $85.00 per hour 
This service is designed for those who have an immediate need for repairs. This is a 24 hour return service for your computer (provided parts are not needed to be ordered).

Same Day In-House Service - $170.00 Flat fee + parts 
This service is our quickest and top tier support. this is offered for mission critical computers and equipment. If checked in by 1:00pm, we will have back to you by the end of business that very same day!!

On-Site Service - $140.00 per hour This service is designed for those who have the need for someone on location and not remote or in the store. Our technicians are courteous, responsive and will always be prompt and timely. 

Web & Email Hosting

Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans are competitive and support a wide range of platforms. We can supply web hosting for the smallest sites to the largest e-commerce sites.

E-Mail Hosting

Orion Solutions, Inc. is a proud Microsoft partner. We specialize in Microsoft 365 solutions and products. Our email hosting is based off of the 365 platforms that businesses worldwide have come to utilize and prefer. 

Domain Hosting

We can manage your domain names and needs for you and to make sure you never have expiration problems or other domain issues.

Web and Email Hosting
Business Networking and Wireless Access

Business Networking
& Wireless Access

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • 10 Gig Over Ethernet

  • Multimode Fiber Runs

  • DeMarc Extensions

  • Wireless Access (Public and Private)

  • Networking Equipment and Solutions

  • VPN Remote Access and Security

  • Routing and Remote Site Connectivity

  • Remote Location Connectivity Optimization

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