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MSP Programs and Solutions

The IT landscape has changed over the years. Calling someone just when you need them is just not enough these days. You need a partner that is connected and watching you BEFORE the problems occur. Whether it is hardware issues, software glitches or ransomware threats, Orion has you covered. 

Our MSP program was designed with the customer in mind. We monitor all aspects of your IT world. From watching computer, network and server performance and issues, digital presence on the internet, email protection and even dark web scanning to find out breaches you may have been in already, Orion has your back!


Call today for more information on this game changing service.

Time devoted to each customer individually
24/7 monitoring, reporting and response
Protection for internal, external, email and web

What makes the Orion MSP program different? 


Shanna L. Vatter

Took my son's gaming laptop in with an extremely loud fan and broken hinge. Very knowledgeable and also reasonably prices! THANKS so much!

Dee Foster

I took my computer in , I had a crack in the screen, computer still came on but was wigging out where you couldn't do anything but go cross eyed, they fixed it to where I could still use it, saving me tons of money, with a new screen costing more then the computer was worth.. Very reasonable Price as well! Matter of fact Im going to take a laptop to them and see what they can do for me on it.

Dustin Howell

I somehow managed to break the camera on my phone. I contacted Drew. The part was ordered and fixed in the same week. The price was a lot cheaper than amy other place and definitely cheaper than buying a new phone. From now on I will always go to Orion Solutions for my tech needs.

Tammy Berry

Thank you guys rock!!! This is the 1st time I have ever taken my laptop anywhere. My laptop crashed and I didn't have back ups of all my pictures and you were to save them all. Can't thank you enough!!!!

Rex Fredrick

I got a new phone and needed help getting it set up (not my thing) I called our local AT&T store and the "gentleman" that I spoke with gave the vibe that it would be an inconvenience to help me, took my new phone to the AT&T store in FW and they said it would not work with their service took it to Orion's and they were more than happy to look at it, and guess what they got me hooked up, 5 stars guys thanks!!

Alicia Bowers

The employees had great communication while fixing my computer. They never completed a task unless they had my permission. Great prices too!

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